Associate Studio Programme 5 : Louise Ashcroft

Feb 2019
How can a ‘Fishmongers Shop’, ‘Gibraltar’, and ‘A Procession Passing Through The Cenotaph’ answer questions of how to prepare for a residency in cooking and feminist practices? How can ‘Game Keepers’, ‘System D’ and ‘The Bees’ allow us to offer up methods of altering the way that we work, in order to build sustainable practices in which not-knowing, intuition and failure allow for real experimentation? Equipped with a small box of over a hundred hand More...

Associate Studio Programme 5 : Louise O’Kelly

Feb 2019
In our second year of the studio programme we have begun to invite curators and programmers as well as artists, with Louise O’Kelly marking one of the first of these. Louise is the founder and director of Block Universe, an annual performance art festival based in London which is coming up to its fifth year. The conversation began with an introduction from each studio associate on their practice, which Louise expanded on by querying our intentions within our respective work. This was used to open up discussions to the whole group, covering the ethics of participation in creative practices, and the politics More...

Associate Studio Programme 5 : Simeon Barclay

Jan 2019
Simeon Barclay came down from Leeds for an evening to discuss both his own practice, and talk through our current lines of inquiry in the studio. Simeon started the evening by describing his beginnings and the roots of his career. As the son of a tailor who had an early education working in metalworking and manufacturing, we talked through the importance of materiality, how the relationship between the two labour roles, of ‘worker’ and ‘artist’, is often seen as a rigid dichotomy and how this influenced his concerns as an artist. The More...

Associate Studio Programme : Stockwell 2018

Group portrait
Oct 2018
In June a panel including Alex Schady, Art Programme Director at CSM and Lottie Leedham from Acme Studios, met to select the group of 2017 and 2018 graduates to form the 2018 Associate Studio Programme and take their place in the shared studios at the Glassyard Building, Stockwell until October 2020. We are very pleased to announce the selected artists: Wes Gilpin, Micheal Taiwo, Thomas Bull, Joseph Nichol, Gillies Adamson Semple, Chi Bagas, Hannah Doucet and Yin Yi Fung.

Associate Studio Programme 3 : Nigel Dunkley

Sep 2018
Nigel Dunkley, who with Grace Schofield, is co-director of the east London gallery, Union Pacific, made a studio visit in September. This was the last studio visit for our group of Associates and was one of the most interesting and exciting. Neil was very generous and from the start engaged with the work presented with real enthusiasm. The discussion generated as he explored our practices, and our artworks, through his questions and observations was lively, critical and stimulating. More...

Associate Studio Programme 4 : Duncan Campbell

Jun 2018
Duncan Campbell visited the studio at the Highline building in June 2018. We began our conversation about Duncan’s current practice through his interest in flip-dot displays, first made prevalent through their use in the Montreal Stock Exchange as a visual representation of the rising and falling of stock values. Duncan was interested in the format of the mechanism as both a visualisation of information which is received and then outputted by the machine, as well as his time spent with a piece of equipment with a complicated yet largely More...

Associate Studio Programme 4 : Alicia Reyes McNamara

May 2018
Alicia Reyes McNamara visited the studio to meet the Associates in May 2018. As the group for this visit was quite small, the discussion was intense, inquisitive and attentive. It was structured first around the artist’s different practices, then by an artist talk. In all the visit lasting over 3 hours, and included a discussion of the Associates work. This began with the Tokyo based Youkobo exchange artist Yuuki Horiuchi, followed by Riah Charles, Jess Heritage and Joshua Waterson, each showing something of their practices. The discussion ranged from topics such as the play between humour and the seriousness of the dialogue More...

Associate Studio Programme 4 : Shezad Dawood

Apr 2018
For our fourth artist visit at the Highline Building studio, we welcomed Shezad Dawood. Our discussion began with the logistics of maintaining our practice, and the significance of the mutual support the shared studio setting offers. A focal point was the necessity for mistakes to materialise in order for progress to be made within our practices. We then discussed Shezad’s monumental ‘Leviathan’ project, comprised of ten episodes to be released over an extended period. He spoke of the relationship between the volatile undercurrents of the More...

Associate Studio Programme 5 : Stockwell 2018

Apr 2018
The CSM Associate Studio Programme, in partnership with Acme, opened its first studio in the Glassyard Building, in Stockwell, south west London in 2013. The tenure of the current, second, group of Associates at the Glassyard studio comes to an end in September 2018. Applications are now being invited from 2017 and 2018 graduates from CSM’s BA Fine Art for the next programme, running from October 2018-20. The CSM Associate Studio Programme provides a supportive environment without simply extending the ‘comfort zone’ of the college experience. More...

Associate Studio Programme 4 : Rehana Zaman

Apr 2018
As part of our Associate Studio Programme, we were excited to have Rehana Zaman visit us for an extended conversation in April 2018. Given Rehana’s practice, and some of the conversations that were being had in the studio, we decided to step away from the normal ‘crit’ structure that had occurred in visits before Rehana, and instead have an open conversation without too much presentation of individual works. This lead to a lengthy, (3 hour) informal conversation in which Rehana More...

Associate Studio Programme 3 : Borbala Soos

Mar 2018
Borbála’s visit started off with presenting to the group her chosen object that would be left with the studio. The object[s] were a collection of petri dishes containing slime mould – each being at a different stage of development, some were ‘fed’ before their journey to the studio, some left empty for the associates to feed and one that was fed at the beginning of the talk and left in-situ. Whilst discussing the properties of slime mould, ideas emerged around ecological systems in relation to global structures and the wider omnipresent More...

Associate Studio Programme 3 : Ewa Axelrad

this 9
Jan 2018
Ewa Axelrad visited the Stockwell studios in January. Ewa introduced us to her work by explaining her background where she began by studying photography at the Uniwersytet Artystyczny w Poznaniu in Poznan, Poland. This was followed by a MA at The Royal College of Art, where she displayed a hidden work ‘Solution’ at the degree show. Ewa explained how the work was an ironic success and that forced the viewer to not only find its whereabouts but seek the graphic historical meaning, and the relation to the Second World War in Poland. More...

Associate Studio Programme 4 : Patrick Goddard

Jan 2018
For our second studio visit at the Highline Building, in January 2018, we were glad to host Patrick Goddard. The visit began with Patrick addressing some themes from his work which he had asked to flag out in advance as being of particular interest to us. He began by showing us examples from his solo exhibition at Matt’s Gallery, ‘Revolver II Part 3′ from 2014 beginning with the video, ‘Free Radicals’. We discussed the way he had managed to transform the self-critical voice he encounters in his practice, to a positive and fruitful element More...

Associate Studio Programme 3 : Anne Tallentire

Jan 2018
Anne Tallentire’s visit focused on extending the notion of ‘beginnings’ to the Associates. Anne began with a reading from her book ‘Object of a Life’, considering writing as a mode of ‘starting’, and within this the wider role of drawing (which remained a constant) during the production of the text. This led to an unfolding discussion on how one might articulate the beginning of a work and how beginnings may inevitably differ both within one’s practice and in relation to others. More...

Associate Studio Programme 3 : Celine Condorelli

Dec 2017
Celine Condorelli began her studio visit by introducing her practice as seeking to engage with the space of collaboration, working within the location of exchange between people. Celine spoke about ideas surrounding ‘support’ in relation to how this exchange may happen in physical space, though the development of spacial devices that relate to a history of furniture design. Through speaking about her previous studies in architecture and her interest in the way we interact with others More...

Associate Studio Programme 4 : Ed Atkins

Dec 2017
Having only just moved into the Highline Building at the end of September, the arrival of Ed Atkins in December 2017 marked the first artist’s visit for us, the ASP 4 group of Associates. To begin the evening, Ed provided a close reading of new works currently being exhibited as part of Old Food at Berlin’s Martin Gropius-Bau, a generous collection of looping videos and commissioned texts that drove a lively and extensive critical discussion. We spoke in particular about the nihilism that drives much of Ed’s work, which consequently brings More...

Associate Studio Programme 3 : Rowena Harris

Nov 2017
Rowena Harris’ visit was insightful – she began with showing a video work and reading an extract of performative writing that presented the concerns of her current practice. Through conversation this extended into outlining problems that are encountered within the studio that either positively or negatively affect ‘working’ and ‘the work’ more generally. We started to discuss what it means to be [and work] in the studio, the methodologies one might employ to navigate their practice, how the role of the studio can ultimately be understood, More...

Associate Studio Programme 3 : John Seth

Nov 2017
John Seth began his visit to the Stockwell studios with a performance. This consisted of two sheets of found manuscript paper, which John had drawn music notes onto, a hammer and some nails. John used this gesture to introduce how he might understand the relationship between thinking and making work. This mode of reflection was to demonstrate how there are different ways to generate how we talk about artwork. The conversations triggered by our work in the More...

Associate Studio Programme 4 : Elephant & Castle 2017

Oct 2017
In June a panel including Alex Schady and Emma Talbot from Central Saint Martins and Lottie Leedham from Acme Studios, met to select the group of 2016 and 2017 graduates to form the 2017 programme and take their place in the shared studios at the Highline Building, Elephant and Castle until October 2019. We are very pleased to announce the selected artists: Aidan Strudwick, Daria Blum, Eleanor Strong, Jess Heritage, Josh Waterson, Isabel Alsina-Reynolds, Madi Walsh, Philip Speakman, Realf Heygate, Riah Charles, Tarryn Williams, Tuli Litvak. More...

Associate Studio Programme 3 : Jane Hayes-Greenwood

Jul 2017
Jane Hayes-Greenwood visited the Associate Studio in Stockwell in July 2017. Jane is an artist and curator. She studied at City & Guilds of London Art School, where she met Xabier Basterra and co-founded the project space and studios Block 336 on Brixton Road. Block 336 continues to be run by Jane Hayes Greenwood, Alex Gough, Robert Bell and Thomas Groves who formed the original group when the project was initiated. Jane presented fascinating images of works that have been shown at Block 336 since they opened in 2012. More...

Associate Studio Programme 3 : Rozsa Farkas

Jun 2017
Rozsa Farkas, director of gallery Arcadia Missa, visited the Associates in the Stockwell studio in June. The visit concentrated on the work of the Associates with work-in-progress presented by Alice Jacobs, Andy Wyatt, Jordan Mouzouris, Isabel Cole and Fleur Dempsey. The discussion was wide ranging but included a close consideration of the means by which work is encountered in the gallery setting, the distinct transition it makes from studio to public space, and opportunities, demands, surprises and shifts in meaning that result. More...

Associate Studio Programme 2 : Morgan Quaintance

Jun 2017
In June 2017, Morgan visited the studios. Morgan’s visit was split into two halves, with one half specifically dedicated to concerns around his practice, whilst the second a discussion around the Associates work. We opened with Morgan with a talk about political issues in contemporary society (homelessness, housing, disability rights). Morgan spoke at length about the position of power, the privilege it was to ‘make’ and the influence this could have in creating a ‘voice’. The marrying of poetic and aesthetic became a key theme that then More...

Associate Studio Programme 2 : Nicoletta Lambertucci

May 2017
Nicoletta Lambertucci visited in April. The discussion amongst the Associates and Nicoletta began with her curatorial work, the show Mundus Muliebris at BASEMENT ROMA and as curator at the David Roberts Art Foundation. Nicoletta spoke at length about the concerns in her practice as a curator, the consideration of audience in her work and themes that guide her practice. Nicoletta spoke about the usefulness of creating coherent press releases and catalogues as tool for framing discussions or ideas in a show. More...

Associate Studio Programme 3 : Eloise Hawser

Apr 2017
Eloise Hawser visited the Stockwell Glassyard studios in April. Eloise introduced us to her practice with fascinating and detailed reports about her research into the unknown realms of London’s infrastructure. Starting off with her investigation of recycling banks, she explained her curiosity for overlooked and redundant sites. Eloise is currently a resident artist at Somerset House and invited us to participate in her upcoming educational programme called Anabasis to Dora, a trail around London looking at functionless architectonic features. More...

Associate Studio Programme 4 : Elephant & Castle 2017

ASP 3 image
Mar 2017
The second Associate Studio to be developed out of the collaborative project between Double agents and Acme Studios opened in the Highline Building in Elephant & Castle in October 2015 and is now inviting applications for the next round; October 2017-2019. Like the first Studio in Stockwell, established in 2013, the studio operates as a ‘transitional’ space for recent graduates from the BA Fine Art course at Central Saint Martins. Again like the Stockwell Studio it’s housed in a new UAL Hall of Residence. More...

Associate Studio Programme 3 : Rob Chavasse

Mar 2017
In March 2017 Rob Chavasse visited the studio Associate Studio in Stockwell. After a brief introduction to some of his recent projects; including ‘Marsh Lane Diversion’, Frieze London, 2016 and More...

Associate Studio Programme 2 : Mary Hurrell

IMG_9878 copy
Feb 2017
In February artist Mary Hurrell visited the studio. With a significant overlap in her sculptural, performance based practice and the related interests of a number of the Associates it was More...

Associate Studio Programme 2 : Hannah Lees

IMG_0066 copy
Feb 2017
In February 2017 artist Hannah Lees was invited to visit the Highline Studios. Hannah showed us her work using her website, starting in reverse chronological order, giving brief, sometimes playful More...

Associate Studio Programme 2 : Hannah Perry

_MG_1188 copy
Nov 2016
Hannah Perry visited the Highline studios in December. Hannah started the visit by showing work from two recent shows, including her latest film and a performance, exhibited in Berlin. Hannah’s More...

Associate Studio Programme 3 : Stockwell 2016

ASP 3 01
Oct 2016
In June a panel including Alex Schady and Anne Eggebert from Central Saint Martins and Lottie Leedham from Acme Studios, met to select the group of 2015 and 2016 graduates to form the 2016 programme and take their place in the shared studio at the Glassyard Building until October 2018. We are very pleased to announce the selected artists: Rachel Christian, Jessica Young, Kat Buchanan, Jean-Baptiste Lagadec, Andrew Wyatt, Jordan Mouzouris, Fleur Dempsey, Isabelle Cole.

Associate Studio Programme 1 : Carolina Ongaro

Sep 2016
Carolina Ongaro, curator and co-founder of Jupiter Woods, visited the Stockwell studio associates to discuss the ethics of behaviour and code of conduct in the young art world. She began her visit by asking what it means to be taking risks with how you work – as a curator, institution, gallery or project space. What if the opening of an exhibition marked the beginning of an idea and not its end? In her work with Jupiter Woods she spoke about how she strives to build a sustainable, caring and autonomous space for research and experimentation. More...

Associate Studio Programme 1 : Joseph Constable

Sep 2016
Joseph Constable, previously Programme Curator at l’étrangère Gallery, London and Projects Assistant to producer and curator Jacqui Davies, recently took the post of Assistant Curator at the Serpentine Galleries. Joseph visited the Associate Studio in September and began by reading an extract from Chris Kraus’s ‘I Love Dick’. From this prompt the discussion was wide ranging and moved through presentations of work from each of the Associates.

Associate Studio Programme 2 : Katrina Palmer

Jul 2016
In July Katrina Palmer visited the Highline Studio. Her show at Void in Derry had just opened and she talked about the process by which that work had been developed. In particular ‘Now Landscape’ a new work produced specifically for Void. Inspired by Ash, the gravedigger character from her 2015 Artangel commission ‘End Matter’ it considers, through the thoughts of the gravedigger, the present day as the stone of the future and as a material full of artificial and highly processed substances. More...

Associate Studio Programme 2 : Anna Barham

IMG_0914 copy
May 2016
In May Anna Barham visited the Highline studios. Anna began by showing a number of works each involved in the complications, vagaries and slippages of language manifest through the technologies More...

Associate Studio Programme 3 : Stockwell 2016

16 HG3_8225
May 2016
In 2013, out of their collaborative project Double agents and Acme Studios, created a ‘transitional’ studio space for recent graduates in the UAL Hall of Residence; the Glassyard Building, in More...

Associate Studio Programme 2 : Eddie Peake

IMG_1856 copy
Apr 2016
In April Eddie Peake made a studio visit to the Highline Building studios. He began the evening by explaining that he didn’t want the session to replicate a typical art school crit. and instead to approach it as something more open, as a conversation rather than a review. He showed videos and images from very early work when he graduated himself, along with images of his White Cube show, the Barbican show and his most recent performance at East Side Projects in Birmingham. More...

Associate Studio Programme 1 : Sylwia Serafinowicz

Mar 2016
Prior to Sylwia Serafinowicz’s visit in March 2016, Sylwia wrote to the Associates asking them to prepare a small presentation of one recent artwork. She asked them to introduce their field and to say what value they added to this field. The challenge was to support this by explaining the idea behind the piece, the technique used and the components of the work. Sylwia set this task, saying it is a challenge all art professionals face when communicating their practices to other More...

Associate Studio Programme 2 : Yuri Pattison

_MG_7988 copy
Mar 2016
Yuri Pattison made the first studio visit to the new studio at the Highline Building in Elephant and Castle. Yuri began by showing images of some recent works and discussing their evolution. The notion of an on-going and contingent, rather than final, finished and definitive material outcome was explored in some detail. Digital technologies offer considerable scoop for revision, re-editing and re-purposing; what might be thought of a process of continuous deferral (of the “final version v09″ file name type) More...

Associate Studio Programme 1 : Hannah Rickards

Feb 2016
Hannah Rickards visited the Associate Studio in July, in the midst of her Leverhulme Award for Visual and Performing Arts and work on a new piece at the Experimental Media and Performing Arts Center (EMPAC) in Troy, New York. The studio discussion centred around the work that many of the Associates were involved in using printed matter, either as its source or final form. Work discussed included Piotr Krzymowski’s photo-montage work unsing Polish film magazines More...

Associate Studio Programme 1 : Morgan Quaintance

IMG_1355 copy
Oct 2015
In October Morgan Quaintance visited the Associate Studio Program. Morgan gave an in depth introduction to his practice as both a writer, broadcaster, musician and curator and an insight into the thought process behind his upcoming exhibition at Cubitt Gallery, ‘Smile Orange’. The discussion began with a focus on some practical considerations of working as an artist, and how to develop and curate projects collectively. The associates had prepared a staged presentation of works as a context to further the conversation. More...

Associate Studio Programme 2 : Elephant & Castle 2015

IMG_2192 copy
Oct 2015
The second Associate Studio Programme opened at the Highline Building, Elephant and Castle, in October 2015. A panel including Alex Schady, Mick Finch from Central Saint Martins and Heather Deedman from Acme Studios, met in June to select the first group of 2014 and 2015 graduates to form the programme and take their place in the shared studio at the Highline Building until October 2017. We are pleased to announce the selected artists: Adeeb Ashfaq, Oliver Coltman, Nina Davies, Helena de Pulford, Abbi Jones, Daniel Kan, Suzy Lawlor, Lewis Tizley, Anna Pickles Harvey, Eleanor Turnbull, Charles Verni, Joe Moss. More...

‘Studios for Artists: concepts and concrete’

SFA composite merged
Oct 2015
Presenting ongoing dialogue between affordable studio provider Acme Studios and London art and design college Central Saint Martins, ‘Studios for Artists’ takes a detailed look into the changing form and function of the artist’s studio in relation to contemporary art practice, as revealed through an extensive program of research, studio visits and interviews. The form, function and future of the artist’s studio is the central focus of the collaboration and of this publication. More...

Associate Studio Programme 1 : Philip Lai

DSC_0596 copy
May 2015
Artist Philip Lai’s visit occurred during the Associates preparations for their group show ‘Juice’ at the Acme Project Space. The Associates’ ideas for the format of the show became of focus of the discussion. Of interest was the evolving works and their arrangement in the space during the course of the show, and the inversion of the opening hours half way through the show, from daytime to night time, and the differing kinds of spectatorship that that might prompt. Philip discussed his own practice, one based very much on spending time More...

Associate Studio Programme 1 : Neil Beloufa

IMG_0268 copy 3
May 2015
Paris based artist Neil Beloufa focussed entirely on the work of the Associates but drew in themes of narrative in common with his own practice – both the narrative capacity within the work and the narrative of the work, or the stories that the work tells and the stories that the artist tells. In particular; the delicate balance between what is true and what is false More...

Associate Studio Programme : Youkobo, Tokyo exchange 2015

May 2015
In partnership with Youkobo Art Space Tokyo, and Tokyo Geidai (Tokyo University of the Arts) the Associate Studio has provided an opportunity for two Associates to spend six weeks based at Youkobo in their own work/live studio, while the Associate Programme hosts two Tokyo based recent graduates. The two Associates, selected through open submission who were based in Tokyo from 1 May – 15 June, and 16 June – 31 July 2015 respectively, are Lydia Davies and Chris Ifould. More...

Associate Studio Programme 2 : Elephant & Castle 2015

Highline 2
Mar 2015
This is the second Associate Studio to be developed out of the collaborative project between Double agents and Acme Studios. Like the first Studio in Stockwell, established in 2013, this operates as a ‘transitional’ studio space for recent graduates from the BA Fine Art course at Central Saint Martins. Again like the Stockwell Studio it’s housed in a new UAL Hall of Residence; the Highline Building, this one in Elephant & Castle, south east London. More...

Associate Studio Programme 1 : Lindsay Seers

Billy_1.2 cropped
Feb 2015
Lindsay Seers’s visit to the studio was characterised by the presence of one of her ventriloquist’s dummies; Billy. As well as joining the Associates for a series of staged portraits (which then became Lindsay’s gift to the studio) Billy exercised an influence over the discussion; ranging as it did from the sometimes vague boundaries between fact and fiction, synaesthesia and neuroscience. Billy’s role; as a conduit through which to speak, More...

Associate Studio Programme 1 : Laura White

_MG_7511 copy
Feb 2015
Sculptor Laura White’s studio visit began with her reading a short text describing her ongoing project which involves her undertaking short training courses in a range of specialist manual skills, not necessarily those associated with the skills of an artist, sculptor or maker. These included butchery, fish knife skills, brick laying and sushi making. This emphasis on the material qualities of things, stuff, tools and processes formed the basis of the discussions with each of the Associates offering some response to Laura’s prompt. More...

Associate Studio Programme 1 : Lisa Panting

DSC_0141 copy
Aug 2014
Curator, and co-director of Hollybush Gardens, Lisa Panting visited the Associate Studio Programme in August. The visit coincided with the Associates preparations for their group show at the offices of the architects John McAslan Partners. The discussions centred on this and the balance of the opportunities it offered and the constraints it was subject to. It was noted that as a space that served both as a gallery and the lobby of a busy architects practice there were some More...

Associate Studio Programme 1 : Stockwell 2013

photo: Hugo Glendinning
Jul 2014
Having been in the studio for almost a year the first Associate Studio Programme is well established. The eight Associates have maintained the open plan layout allowing each other to expand and contract their activities within the shared space as their work demands. In addition to the studio visits by artists, writers and curators, the studio has been visited by other studio providers and academics, and most recently by artist/photographer Hugo Glendinning. More...