Archive: November, 2004

‘Friends of Art’ seminar

Nov 2004
‘Friends of Art’ a seminar at ELIA 8 Biennial Conference in Luzern – ‘Challenging the Frame’ convened by Anne Tallentire and Graham Ellard. The seminar considered the questions raised by collaborative approaches to practice in Fine Art and its implications for teaching, curriculum design and the studio in Fine Art education. After an introductory paper by Anne Tallentire and Graham Ellard presentations were made by artists’ Uriel Orlow and Ruth Maclennan, Adam Chodzko, and Emily Wardill. More...

Re: the archive, the image and the very dead sheep

front covers
Nov 2004
A ‘ready-made archive’, a holiday correspondence and a philosophico-anecdotal meditation on history, ‘Re: the archive, the image, and the very dead sheep’ is the first collaborative work by Uriel Orlow and Ruth Maclennan. Ruth Maclennan and Uriel Orlow write to each other while on holiday in the Highlands of Scotland and in Zurich and the Swiss Alps. The correspondents draw on documented, anecdotal and imagined histories of their surroundings to produce associative genealogies: mapping thought, More...