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Associate Studio Programme 6 : Abbas Zahedi

Continuing with the virtual studio visits, artist Abbas Zahedi was invited to talk us through his works and share his thoughts on our own practices. Abbas having graduated from CSM himself with a MA in Contemporary Photography; Practices and Philosophies, a few of us were already familiar with his works and practice.
He started the visit with a brief introduction of his interdisciplinary practice which blends contemporary philosophies, poetics and social dynamics together making connections whenever possible with people involved to initiate conversations. Having taken us through his works and website he stressed the importance of uploading and archiving any talks, works and digital assets online and offered his website to gain a better understanding if we wanted to delve in to his practice deeper.
Myself, Rubie Green and Lucie MacGregor shared our works with the group and had a conversation amongst the residents and Abbas. It was clear that his offerings of references and thoughtful critique were completely unique and it was great we got to experience an opinion that we hadn’t in our own echo chamber. References included Hannah Black at the Chisenhale gallery, Sidsel Meineche Hansen, online exhibitions curated by Darat al Funun and journals on Exit Immersion.
Ending the session, Abbas gave practical advice in regards to applying for residencies, and any awards which helped us in getting a better understanding about the whole process. The visit was refreshing and incredibly approachable as it was admirable to see a fellow CSM alumni reaching levels of success post graduation. We’d like to thank Abbas for his time and enthusiasm throughout. Maria Mahfooz

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