Carolina Ongaro 01

Associate Studio Programme 6 : Carolina Ongaro

Carolina Ongaro’s visit came at a moment of change and rethinking around Jupiter Woods, the space she has run with various collaborators since 2014. After running an intensive public programme in 2018/19 in an effort to legitimise themselves as a gallery in the eyes of the broader art world, the Jupiter Woods team found themselves burned out and disillusioned. Since then they’ve been working reflectively with consultant artists questioning what the space’s role could be – how they can embed themselves more in the local community and work to challenge the art world’s problematic economic structures.
This discussion set the tone for much broader and big picture discussion than we usually have in studio visits, where Carolina & the ASP cohort questioned together what kinds of art careers we wanted to have. We touched on the ethics of making art with and in communities, supporting ourselves as artists, voluntary organisational structures and questioning who your audience is. Thanks Carolina so much for prompting a fascinating discussion – look forward to finding ways to continue them! Rubie Green

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