Associate Studio Programme 8 : Bobby Baker

After many visits by young male artists, it seemed only right for Bobby Baker to show them how it’s done. Bobby Baker, a woman and artist, visited the ASP 8 studio on the 28th September 2022.

My nerves were getting the best of me as I paced around the studio waiting for the artist’s arrival. Bobby Baker has been a hugely influential person for me more personally than artistically! However, my nerves were soon eased as Bobby Baker politely asked for a cup of tea upon her arrival – completely fitting to her artist persona.

As the chain of teas were passed around the group, so were publications of Bobby’s exhibition ‘Great & Tiny War’ given to us as little gifts to start the visit. This was a great chance to ask Bobby if she could do a quick introduction of herself and her work, to which she responded: “If I start, I might not stop!”

Bobby had so much trust within herself and her practice it was infectious. Her career has made me want to focus more on simply creating and not getting distracted by shows or getting work sold. Bobby’s wisdom and presence made me realise what type of artist I want to be – it was a real enlightening experience.

Now it was my turn to talk about my practice. Straight away, Bobby’s quiet acknowledgements and noises of sympathy towards my work immediately put me at ease. Whilst of course I wanted Bobby’s feedback, I focused more about life as an artist and how to move forward as an artist.

Throughout the course of the evening Bobby Baker helped me to break away from how an artist is expected to act. Her comical stories of how she adapted a pretty convincing northern accent at university just to fit in with the cool successful artist, related to our equivalent of trying to fit in at awkward private views. Bobby was in total control with both her failures and successes. Not a flicker of pretentiousness, never once judgemental, hilarious, honest, I could go on and on.

I feel like I haven’t said anything, my words have majorly failed me. But I will say that Bobby Baker’s visit will truly be something I will never forget. Bobby grabbed me by the shoulders, redirected me and kicked me down the path I always wanted to go down. So, I would like to say a huge thank you to Bobby Baker for helping me find my feet. Dandy-Day Heffernan

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