Archive: April, 2023

Associate Studio Programme 8 : Hannah Barry

Hannah Barry (17)
Apr 2023
Hannah Barry’s Studio visit was inspiring – full of refreshing insight, as well as thoughtful and generative critique. Hannah introduced herself as someone who in a way stumbled across art and artists. A world that made her welcome as she welcomed it. She is a person properly invested in what she loves and had a real desire to learn more about each of our practices and our relationship with them. It was so refreshing to have a purposeful conversation with someone so open to the work and with such an investigative and poetic mind. Hannah More...

Associate Studio Programme 8 : Rosza Farkas

Apr 2023
“The most important thing as an artist is making artwork that is to be true to oneself. ” During Rózsa’s visit, she generously allowed us time to present our work as well as to ask about her work as a gallerist. This phrase was how she wrapped up her studio visit. I feel as though questions she gave to us during her visit was centred around that. Trends in art, images on social media, the fast-paced world we live in – we encounter these like strong winds and are hard to resist falling. We might feel lost at times, especially as young artists. More...