Associate Studio Programme 6 : Borbala Soos

Borbala's visit
Mar 2021
Having visited the Associates before, Borbála was familiar with the tradition of bringing an object to the space as a way to begin the discussion. This time she brought a giant seashell that has previously served as a starting point for curatorial projects. The theme of using an object as a starting point and perhaps a collaborator informed the discussions, especially when talking about a project centering around the moon by Lucie and myself. We talked about notions of unlearning, and how an object can become a holding space for something. Borbála’s most recent projects have involved working with communities, which also spurred on questions of how our collaboration with Lucie could be opened up to other artists, in forms of celebration, and how the work can be More...

Associate Studio Programme 3 : Borbala Soos

Mar 2018
Borbála’s visit started off with presenting to the group her chosen object that would be left with the studio. The object[s] were a collection of petri dishes containing slime mould – each being at a different stage of development, some were ‘fed’ before their journey to the studio, some left empty for the associates to feed and one that was fed at the beginning of the talk and left in-situ. Whilst discussing the properties of slime mould, ideas emerged around ecological systems in relation to global structures and the wider omnipresent More...