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Associate Studio Programme 9 : Stockwell 2022

ASP 9 portrait 02
Jan 2023
In November a panel including Alex Schady (Art Programme Leader; CSM), Mary Evans (BA Fine Art Course Leader, Chelsea College of Arts), Jerome Ince-Mitchell (Senior Lecturer in Fine Art Painting Camberwell), Jheni Arboine (Academic Enhancement Model Lead, CCW) and Lea O’Loughlin (Co-Director Acme Studios) interviewed the shortlisted candidates from an open call to select the group of 2022 and 2024 UAL BA Fine Art graduates to form the 2022 Associate Studio Programme and take their place in the shared studios at the Glassyard Building, Stockwell, until December 2024. The selected artists are: Elliot Jeffries, Jennifer Jones, Jan Kaminski, Isable Kang, Karl Murphy, Maya Patel, Synshar Pde, Noah Smith, Emma Todd, and Jim Tuck More...