Archive: November, 2021

Associate Studio Programme 7 : Annie Whiles

Nov 2021
Our visit with Annie involved a series of crits of ongoing works (see photographs for examples). Annie’s approach to the work was helpful and refreshing. We talked about how to fully articulate relationships between author and objects (for example, one artist was asked if they would consider ‘writing a letter’ to their work). We discussed material form a lot, as well as time and narrative. Lily Hudson

Associate Studio Programme 7 : Louise Ashcroft

Nov 2021
Our studio visit with Louise focused primarily on interrogating and contextualising the studio dynamic, constructing a series of studio ‘tool boxes’; ie. what skills, materials, etc, did each member of the studio have? We also looked at where our art was located, making lists of places important to our art. Something I found particularly pertinent about our group conversation related to the way we can maintain a sense of momentum as artists. Louise discussed how she likes to perform yearly audits of her work, More...