Yve Lomax, The Art of Writing

Yve Lomax
Feb 2009
Through a series of readings Yve Lomax discussed the specifics of writing as a form of art making. It has been a longstanding concern of Yve Lomax to include writing within the repertoire of visual art and place emphasis on writing as a practice not only in relation to writing as art but also the ‘art’ of writing of theory. More...

1+1+1 issue three

Nov 2005
This issue was produced to accompany the exhibition ‘Sounds Like Drawing’ in collaboration with The Drawing Room, and includes an essay by curator Anthony Huberman (SculptureCentre New York), a transcription of a public ‘in conversation’ at the gallery with the curators, exhibitors Kaffe Matthews, Steve Roden and Conor Kelly, and chaired by Ben Borthwick (Tate Modern), and a new work by Yve Lomax commissioned for the printed page. More...