1+1+1 issue four

Jun 2006
This issue features a discussion of the work of Knut Henrik Henriksen between Lisa Panting and Malin Ståhl; a work for the page by Anne Tallentire based on commissioned a photographic project ‘Arena Industriale’ made in Reggio Emilia, Italy; an essay ‘Motion Path: a bibliography’, by Graham Ellard and Stephen Johnstone, and an afterword by Sissu Tarka. Designed by bc/mh. Downloads: Text (pdf) – 1+1+1 issue four Links: Hollybush Gardens. ‘Motion Path’ (2006) Graham Ellard and Stephen Johnstone. BCMH. See also: ‘1+1+1’ issue one, February 2005. ‘1+1+1’ issue two, May 2005. ‘1+1+1’ issue three, November 2005.