Archive: February, 2020

Associate Studio Programme 5 : Lydia Ourahmane

Feb 2020
For our third studio visit of the year, we were delighted to have Lydia Ourahmane visit us in February, despite her having moved to Algiers. Our conversation began with an exploration of the often blurry distinctions between work and play within art practices; one may contribute to the other and, at the same time, they are not mutually exclusive. This led to a discussion around exhibition making, in which artists have to provide enough access points into their way of thinking for viewers that have no previous knowledge about their practice. More...

Associate Studio Programme 5 : Jonathan Baldock

Feb 2020
We welcomed artist Jonathan Baldock around a candle-lit table, where we shared some grapes and a cup of tea. Within the first minutes of him being here, we were already laughing to tears. Jonathan’s humour and sharpness made the evening extremely light and informative. We started the discussion around the state of art school, and the increasing amount of conversations around diversity and inclusivity since Baldock graduated. This lead us to speculate how the way we produce art and organise ourselves as artists was headed in the coming year. Artists nowadays seem to focus more and more on a specific audience, More...

Associate Studio Programme 6 : Simeon Barclay

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Feb 2020
After offering Simeon a customary brew of Yorkshire tea, I welcomed a fellow northern native into the studio. I first came across Simeon’s work in the art now room at Tate Modern a few years ago, the artists’ wall bio catching my eye as it mentioned his home town, Huddersfield, which is also my own. Not knowing a contemporary practicing artist from my own locality up until this moment, I was struck by the codes embedded in his mixed-media installation, the stripes of blue and white UV lights pulling on the homebound shirt colours of the Huddersfield football club. Witnessing his layered sculptural structures first hand, I was moved by the immense construction of the frames More...