Aesthetics of The Differends

Dff04 small
Nov 2009
A lecture by artist Benoît Maire and Jonathan Lahey Dronsfield Presented in collaboration with Hollybush Gardens. ‘Differend’ commonly refers to a debate between two or more people about (among other things) matters of opinion and interests on which they disagree. One can say for example: “They have a differend on this or that topic.” The word has been used since the Middle Ages, though it originally had the more precise meaning of the difference between More...

Johanna Billing

studio 'round-table'
Mar 2008
Johanna Billing, round table ‘in conversation’ with undergraduate students, BA Fine Art, to coincide with the inclusion of Johanna’s video work ‘Project for a revolution’ (2000) and ‘Missing Out’ (2001) in ‘Here We Dance’ at Tate Modern, London. More...