Associate Studio Programme 7 : Rozsa Farkas

Rózsa Farkas made a studio visit to our shared studio home, ASP 7, on 6th June 2022. During the resulting conversations she left no stone unturned as she spoke to us about our works in progress. Many of us had come straight from work for the visit and it took a little while for us to get going. Rózsa, fuelled by a cup of Earl Grey in our best chipped studio mug, was full of the energy and enthusiasm that we all needed.
Having both the mindset of an art school grad and a successful gallerist, we had a lot of questions for Rózsa about life after art school; how to approach galleries, how to get noticed etc. Rózsa was refreshingly honest and happy to help answer our questions as well as offering guidance on Arts Council funding applications.
Rózsa offered such concise and detailed observations about our work during the crit, where three of us associates presented work.
There’s no bullshitting Rózsa, no hiding behind art phrases that sound good but mean nothing. She asked some very direct questions that put you on the spot. This might have felt nerve wracking, but it clearly came from a place of helping us to find out what we are really trying to communicate with our work.
When discussing my work, she helped me to identify what makes some of my paintings and sculptures aesthetically and conceptually stronger than others, as well as finding some of the conceptual threads that weave in and out of my practice through my works and how I present them.
George Richardson

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