Archive: April, 2018

Associate Studio Programme 4 : Shezad Dawood

Apr 2018
For our fourth artist visit at the Highline Building studio, we welcomed Shezad Dawood. Our discussion began with the logistics of maintaining our practice, and the significance of the mutual support the shared studio setting offers. A focal point was the necessity for mistakes to materialise in order for progress to be made within our practices. We then discussed Shezad’s monumental ‘Leviathan’ project, comprised of ten episodes to be released over an extended period. He spoke of the relationship between the volatile undercurrents of the More...

Associate Studio Programme 5 : Stockwell 2018

Apr 2018
The CSM Associate Studio Programme, in partnership with Acme, opened its first studio in the Glassyard Building, in Stockwell, south west London in 2013. The tenure of the current, second, group of Associates at the Glassyard studio comes to an end in September 2018. Applications are now being invited from 2017 and 2018 graduates from CSM’s BA Fine Art for the next programme, running from October 2018-20. The CSM Associate Studio Programme provides a supportive environment without simply extending the ‘comfort zone’ of the college experience. More...

Associate Studio Programme 4 : Rehana Zaman

Apr 2018
As part of our Associate Studio Programme, we were excited to have Rehana Zaman visit us for an extended conversation in April 2018. Given Rehana’s practice, and some of the conversations that were being had in the studio, we decided to step away from the normal ‘crit’ structure that had occurred in visits before Rehana, and instead have an open conversation without too much presentation of individual works. This lead to a lengthy, (3 hour) informal conversation in which Rehana More...