Associate Studio Programme 6 : Carolina Ongaro

Carolina Ongaro 01
Apr 2021
Carolina Ongaro’s visit came at a moment of change and rethinking around Jupiter Woods, the space she has run with various collaborators since 2014. After running an intensive public programme in 2018/19 in an effort to legitimise themselves as a gallery in the eyes of the broader art world, the Jupiter Woods team found themselves burned out and disillusioned. Since then they’ve been working reflectively with consultant artists questioning what the More...

Associate Studio Programme 1 : Carolina Ongaro

Sep 2016
Carolina Ongaro, curator and co-founder of Jupiter Woods, visited the Stockwell studio associates to discuss the ethics of behaviour and code of conduct in the young art world. She began her visit by asking what it means to be taking risks with how you work – as a curator, institution, gallery or project space. What if the opening of an exhibition marked the beginning of an idea and not its end? In her work with Jupiter Woods she spoke about how she strives to build a sustainable, caring and autonomous space for research and experimentation. More...