Associate Studio Programme 7 : Louise Ashcroft

Our studio visit with Louise focused primarily on interrogating and contextualising the studio dynamic, constructing a series of studio ‘tool boxes’; ie. what skills, materials, etc, did each member of the studio have? We also looked at where our art was located, making lists of places important to our art. Something I found particularly pertinent about our group conversation related to the way we can maintain a sense of momentum as artists. Louise discussed how she likes to perform yearly audits of her work, taking herself out to a cafe to reflect on how the year had gone, take stock of what had happened, and also set goals for the next year. We all wrote our own goals, and determined how we could help each other achieve our goals. Many members of ASP7 wanted to exhibit work, and also travel was mentioned. We concluded it would be helpful for us to try and exhibit together, and potentially go on a studio trip. Lily Hudson

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