Wallace Berman and Allen Ruppersberg

installation view - Camden Arts Centre
Nov 2008
An afternoon symposium, in collaboration with Camden Arts Centre, examining the historical context and artistic legacy of the emergent art scene on the west coast of America in the 1950s to contemporary practice today. Sophie Dannenmuller, Academic and writer, discussed the work of Wallace Berman. John Slyce; writer and critic, looked at the work of Allen Ruppersberg in relation to experimental film. Thomas Evans; discussed the historical context of the art scene in LA in the 1950s. Thomas Evans is an editor and artist living in New York. Between 2002 and 2006 he edited the monthly mail-out magazine Tolling Elves, publishing among others Wallace Berman, Jess, Jay DeFeo and Bruce Conner. The symposium was chaired by Jenni Lomax, Director, Camden Arts Centre. Links: Camden Arts Centre Tolling Elves