Associate Studio Programme 6 : Ghislaine Leung

Ghislaine Leung visited the studio in November. It was very informal and conversational; first, we sat down in the project space to have a cup of tea – Adelaide brought some beautiful cakes from her workplace, and we all talked about issues surrounding continuing a practice after graduating and what a practice can look like – the different forms it might take whilst we’re working full time, and ways in which we might think about and use the studio space.
We went on to discuss about how we approach exhibitions as emerging artists – who we choose to work with and how, and the pressures to do well (or as Ghislaine beautifully put it; the pressure to compete in “the race to hotness”). This led us to talk about how we think about our work and what we understand to be “work”. The discussion was very free flowing and lively throughout the whole visit, but it touched on a lot of things that represent real challenges for us at this point. 
We also looked at some work – which as work in progress was also really interesting and fruitful. We talked about collaboration and different forms that can take, and also how we make decision regarding the display of work. What emerged was a consideration of how in an installation movement within the work can be created through “amplifying” certain elements and making others “quieter” or less prominent.
Anastasia Alekseeva

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