Archive: June, 2017

Associate Studio Programme 3 : Rozsa Farkas

Jun 2017
Rozsa Farkas, director of gallery Arcadia Missa, visited the Associates in the Stockwell studio in June. The visit concentrated on the work of the Associates with work-in-progress presented by Alice Jacobs, Andy Wyatt, Jordan Mouzouris, Isabel Cole and Fleur Dempsey. More...

Associate Studio Programme 2 : Morgan Quaintance

Jun 2017
In June 2017, Morgan visited the studios. Morgan’s visit was split into two halves, with one half specifically dedicated to concerns around his practice, whilst the second a discussion around the Associates work. We opened with Morgan with a talk about political issues in contemporary society (homelessness, housing, disability rights). Morgan spoke at length about the position of power, the privilege it was to ‘make’ and the influence this could have in creating a ‘voice’. The marrying of poetic and aesthetic became a key theme that then ran through the discussion of the Associate’s work. The conversation also centered around ‘play’ as a political act. Adeeb Ashfaq presented a performance, Nina Davies; a film and Joe Moss; a performance. As an image to represent the visit Morgan bought the album; Fantasy Black Channel by Late of the Pier.Adeeb Ashfaq