Archive: December, 2017

Associate Studio Programme 3 : Celine Condorelli

Dec 2017
Celine Condorelli began her studio visit by introducing her practice as seeking to engage with the space of collaboration, working within the location of exchange between people. Celine spoke about ideas surrounding ‘support’ in relation to how this exchange may happen in physical space, though the development of spacial devices that relate to a history of furniture design. Through speaking about her previous studies in architecture and her interest in the way we interact with others More...

Associate Studio Programme 4 : Ed Atkins

Dec 2017
Having only just moved into the Highline Building at the end of September, the arrival of Ed Atkins in December 2017 marked the first artist’s visit for us, the ASP 4 group of Associates. To begin the evening, Ed provided a close reading of new works currently being exhibited as part of Old Food at Berlin’s Martin Gropius-Bau, a generous collection of looping videos and commissioned texts that drove a lively and extensive critical discussion. We spoke in particular about the nihilism that drives much of Ed’s work, which consequently brings More...