Associate Studio Programme 6 : Imran Perretta

Imran Perretta’s visit in January wasn’t confined to the studio, instead we walked from the Elephant and Castle building down to Brixton station as a group. As Imran is familiar with the area and is based in Streatham, he took us on a walking tour through South London, finding stops along the way to share anecdotes and present works. 
The hour’s walk, with stops, was free flowing and open as we took turns to decide where along the route we would like to present. Anais Comer read a piece of writing just outside Kennington Park and I found myself presenting in Brixton McDonalds. 
The route highlighted the immense change occurring in the redevelopment of the area, and how certain places were under threat of gentrification, with local people being priced out of the housing market. Talk of social-mobility, responsibility as artists and our position within the Elephant and Castle studio reframed the work and discussions around it.
Imran talked us through old skate parks, music stores and where he has his from. The insight into the area from a personal perspective, grounded the walk-and-talk into a ‘real life’ context. 
Our journey ended at McDonalds as we sat around a table to discuss findings, and how authentic a tour feels from a native South Londoner. Imran left with praises, messages of encouragement to persist within the arts and to make our fortunate position as studio holders worthwhile. Maria Mahfooz.

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