Archive: January, 2020

Associate Studio Programme 6 : Imran Perretta

Jan 2020
Imran Perretta’s visit in January wasn’t confined to the studio, instead we walked from the Elephant and Castle building down to Brixton station as a group. As Imran is familiar with the area and is based in Streatham, he took us on a walking tour through South London, finding stops along the way to share anecdotes and present works.  The hour’s walk, with stops, was free flowing and open as we took turns to decide where along the route we would like to present. Anais Comer read a piece of writing just outside Kennington Park and I found myself presenting in Brixton McDonalds.  The route highlighted the immense More...

Associate Studio Programme 5 : Larry Archiampong

Jan 2020
In January 2020, Larry Achiampong visited us in the studio, just after having taken his driving test. He opened his bag and took out the cardboard cover for his 2013 project More Mogya which he describes as an “ongoing project” begun several years earlier that he has yet to go back to since. Initially it was a self portrait, using audio, based on the knowledge that was readily available to him – and was acquired not by means of learning it professionally, but approaching it almost on the go, by watching other people. With Larry we talked about exploring origins and nationality, specifically his relationship to Ghana. He also More...