Hannah Barry (17)

Associate Studio Programme 8 : Hannah Barry

Hannah Barry’s Studio visit was inspiring – full of refreshing insight, as well as thoughtful and generative critique.
Hannah introduced herself as someone who in a way stumbled across art and artists. A world that made her welcome as she welcomed it. She is a person properly invested in what she loves and had a real desire to learn more about each of our practices and our relationship with them. It was so refreshing to have a purposeful conversation with someone so open to the work and with such an investigative and poetic mind. Hannah didn’t have an overly assertive attitude to critique, and instead was much more thoughtful with what she suggested. This made room for a highly generative discussion out of which many of us left the studio feeling a new sense of purpose and inspired for much more art making within our respective practices.
The visit concluded with Hannah inviting us on a tour of upcoming shows at her gallery and Bold Tendencies in June. Stanley Buglass

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