Archive: February, 2015

Associate Studio Programme 1 : Lindsay Seers

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Feb 2015
Lindsay Seers’s visit to the studio was characterised by the presence of one of her ventriloquist’s dummies; Billy. As well as joining the Associates for a series of staged portraits (which then became Lindsay’s gift to the studio) Billy exercised an influence over the discussion; ranging as it did from the sometimes vague boundaries between fact and fiction, synaesthesia and neuroscience. Billy’s role; as a conduit through which to speak, More...

Associate Studio Programme 1 : Laura White

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Feb 2015
Sculptor Laura White’s studio visit began with her reading a short text describing her ongoing project which involves her undertaking short training courses in a range of specialist manual skills, not necessarily those associated with the skills of an artist, sculptor or maker. These included butchery, fish knife skills, brick laying and sushi making. This emphasis on the material qualities of things, stuff, tools and processes formed the basis of the discussions with each of the Associates offering some response to Laura’s prompt. More...