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Associate Studio Programme 6 : William Noel Clarke

In the midst of the third coronavirus lockdown in the UK we welcomed William Noel Clarke (director of VITRINE gallery) for our first digital studio visit. William started the discussion by retelling the tale of how he got to be talking to us; three years ago I included him in a performance event I was organising, then last summer he included me in a digital exhibition he was curating, then I invited him to give us a visit. He used this to illustrate the ways in which opportunities feed into one another and the importance of generosity in sharing networks and opportunities.

Sharing his own career-path (from self-organising a studio space in Leeds, to his current role at VITRINE) at each point he stressed the importance of supportive peer-networks and the mutual benefit of organising amongst ourselves. Above all his advice was to practise kindly; reiterating throughout the visit to “not be a dick!”

Prior to the visit, Anastasia Alekseeva and Jonas Pequeno had shared a PDF of their work. William offered practical advice on their documents, outlining the importance of clear documentation, clear descriptions and his preferred structuring for titling and CV formatting. The visit was rich with advise; William shared what he looks for in an artist’s website, how to approach curators for studio visits and further methods for expanding networks.

William had an infectious enthusiasm and our conversations post-visit have been filled with plans for crits, discussions and further visits. Anaïs Comer

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