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Associate Studio Programme 6 : Eleanor Wang

Eleanor Wang, the co-director and press officer for San Mei Gallery, joined our virtual visit in early May. San Mei Gallery is an Artist led space based In Stockwell. Eleanor told us about the buildings past and its exciting history of salsa dancing nights. The space is a part of their local community and the gallery often have exhibitions or take inspiration from those within their community. The gallery also enjoys exhibiting people who aren’t necessary ‘artists’, allowing scientists and geographers to explore what they can do with the space and gallery. Troy, Jonas and I presented our works to Eleanor getting great in-depth feedback. Opening the conversation to different topics we discussed how lovely it is to talk about art with strangers again, and how important the different types of feedback you receive when someone knows nothing about your practice. We also had an interesting discussion about what we call the person who views our work. A few of us said audience, which is interesting as a lot of our works had no audio and audience implies listeners. After a discussion I landed on calling my ‘audience’ the touchers, and I like people to touch and feel my work. Eleanor also gave us great advice on personal statements, and the importance of it being ever changing and how it shouldn’t just stay the same – work changes so it makes sense for our statements about it to change too! Selby Hurst-Inglefield

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