Associate Studio Programme 7 : Louise Ashcroft

Nov 2021
Our studio visit with Louise focused primarily on interrogating and contextualising the studio dynamic, constructing a series of studio ‘tool boxes’; ie. what skills, materials, etc, did each member of the studio have? We also looked at where our art was located, making lists of places important to our art. Something I found particularly pertinent about our group conversation related to the way we can maintain a sense of momentum as artists. Louise discussed how she likes to perform yearly audits of her work, More...

Associate Studio Programme 5 : Louise Ashcroft

Apr 2020
With London in lockdown due to the Covid19 pandemic the studio visits and meetings, like much else, moved online. Devised specially for a Zoom meeting Louise Ashcroft ran a brilliant writing workshop. Each of the Associates was asked to look at documentation of each other’s work and write a short piece on it. Louise’s introduction summed it up perfectly: “My aim is to make this a fun few hours of power-writing about each other’s work, so that at the end everyone has a bunch of different perspectives on their practice which they can use to reflect and maybe to inform their own writing of applications/proposals/statements. Please reply all to this email with a link to your website or any other way we can see your work online. It might help to pick out one or two keys works. Everyone will write about everyone and send the texts to each other. Sometimes it’s easier to write about others’ work than our own, More...

Associate Studio Programme 4 : Louise Ashcroft

Feb 2019
How can a ‘Fishmongers Shop’, ‘Gibraltar’, and ‘A Procession Passing Through The Cenotaph’ answer questions of how to prepare for a residency in cooking and feminist practices? How can ‘Game Keepers’, ‘System D’ and ‘The Bees’ allow us to offer up methods of altering the way that we work, in order to build sustainable practices in which not-knowing, intuition and failure allow for real experimentation? Equipped with a small box of over a hundred hand More...