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Associate Studio Programme 7 : William Noel Clarke

With London currently in its third lockdown since the pandemic began, the first visit for the ASP 7 studio took place online. William Noel-Clarke, the director of vitrine gallery, talked with us about the importance of connection and communication, referring to the events that led him to the studio visit in the first place – that I had met him at a friend’s house earlier in the year and that he’d already done a studio visit with the ASP 6 group in January. And stressed the need for reciprocity in the art world and that we should never underestimate the importance of talking to people, illustrating the need for shared networks and opportunities.
In preparation for the visit, myself, George Richardson and Lily Hudson sent over examples of our work and artist websites. William discussed these in the visit, taking the time go through each one and outline the importance of consistent documentation and formatting when presenting work. Especially considering the large shift to a reliance on digital platforms in light of the pandemic. He also gave advice on how to approach different types of gallery, curators or organisers, the best practise for an artist CV and the details he looks for in an artist’s website.
The visit was incredibly informative, informal and enjoyable and William’s enthusiastic and engaging conversation gave us a lot to think about going forward. Eleni Zachariou

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