Associate Studio Programme 8 : Rosza Farkas

Apr 2023
“The most important thing as an artist is making artwork that is to be true to oneself. ” During Rózsa’s visit, she generously allowed us time to present our work as well as to ask about her work as a gallerist. This phrase was how she wrapped up her studio visit. I feel as though questions she gave to us during her visit was centred around that. Trends in art, images on social media, the fast-paced world we live in – we encounter these like strong winds and are hard to resist falling. We might feel lost at times, especially as young artists. More...

Associate Studio Programme 7 : Rozsa Farkas

Jun 2022
Rózsa Farkas made a studio visit to our shared studio home, ASP 7, on 6th June 2022. During the resulting conversations she left no stone unturned as she spoke to us about our works in progress. Many of us had come straight from work for the visit and it took a little while for us to get going. Rózsa, fuelled by a cup of Earl Grey in our best chipped studio mug, was full of the energy and enthusiasm that we all needed. Having both the mindset of an art school grad and a successful gallerist, we had a lot of questions for Rózsa about life after art school More...

Associate Studio Programme 3 : Rozsa Farkas

Jun 2017
Rozsa Farkas, director of gallery Arcadia Missa, visited the Associates in the Stockwell studio in June. The visit concentrated on the work of the Associates with work-in-progress presented by Alice Jacobs, Andy Wyatt, Jordan Mouzouris, Isabel Cole and Fleur Dempsey. The discussion was wide ranging but included a close consideration of the means by which work is encountered in the gallery setting, the distinct transition it makes from studio to public space, and opportunities, demands, surprises and shifts in meaning that result. More...