Associate Studio Programme 1 : Carolina Ongaro

Carolina Ongaro, curator and co-founder of Jupiter Woods, visited the Stockwell studio associates to discuss the ethics of behaviour and code of conduct in the young art world. She began her visit by asking what it means to be taking risks with how you work – as a curator, institution, gallery or project space. What if the opening of an exhibition marked the beginning of an idea and not its end?
In her work with Jupiter Woods she spoke about how she strives to build a sustainable, caring and autonomous space for research and experimentation.
Carolina shared the text ’Take Care’ by Anthony Huberman to anchor the discussion. Taking its point of departure in Fischli and Weiss’ manifesto ‘How to work better’ from 1991 Huberman asks if a curatorial behaviour could be to embrace a more vulnerable relationship to knowledge. Asta Meldal Lynge

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