Associate Studio Programme 3 : Celine Condorelli

Celine Condorelli began her studio visit by introducing her practice as seeking to engage with the space of collaboration, working within the location of exchange between people. Celine spoke about ideas surrounding ‘support’ in relation to how this exchange may happen in physical space, though the development of spacial devices that relate to a history of furniture design.
Through speaking about her previous studies in architecture and her interest in the way we interact with others and move through physical space, Celine opened up a conversation about how different creative disciplines may intersect and how for her, this is what she hopes to activate and seek out. We discussed how this may happen, with Celine giving examples of her previous collaborative projects.
The group discussed at length more practical concerns about how a practice is maintained in relation to other parts of their lives, in their employment and how a practice is supported by different people and situations.
Celine spoke about her current interests in the idea of legacy, specifically an artist or creative persons legacy, and the moral dilemma of how one thinks about an artists body of work when they themselves have a morally and ethically questionable history. The group spoke at length about the idea of separating the work from the maker.
The visit was very positive and warm; Celine opened a conversation that facilitated a broad range of ideas and thinking into how a practice is supported, maintained and ever changing through different modes of collaboration. Most importantly for me, we were able to navigate these themes together rather than focusing on our individual situations. Andrew Wyatt

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