Associate Studio Programme 3 : Borbala Soos

Borbála’s visit started off with presenting to the group her chosen object that would be left with the studio. The object[s] were a collection of petri dishes containing slime mould – each being at a different stage of development, some were ‘fed’ before their journey to the studio, some left empty for the associates to feed and one that was fed at the beginning of the talk and left in-situ. Whilst discussing the properties of slime mould, ideas emerged around ecological systems in relation to global structures and the wider omnipresent politics concerning the environment and the role of the contemporary artist within this. As it stands the current population is the largest to have ever inhabited the world since the inception of humankind – this along with other factual statements were presented to the group, establishing cross dialogues that were both critical and self reflexive. Borbala went on to present the gallery Tenderpixel [of which she is director and curator], its programme of exhibitions that operate as a series – with a group of exhibitions or events informing one another. She discussed how her own research actively informs Tenderpixel’s programme. The evening ended with the associates presenting their own work, considering the conversations that were had earlier on, subsequently generating an interesting feedback. Before Borbala’s departure, the group checked upon the slime mould that had been fed at the beginning of the visit, we found that, in a small space of time the mould had forged networks to get to the food. This enlightened the groups understanding of different matrix’s [both natural and synthetic] and their efficiencies, of which are constantly evolving around us, even on micro and seemingly invisible scales. Jordan Mouzouris

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