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Associate Studio Programme 3 : Ewa Axelrad

Ewa Axelrad visited the Stockwell studios in January. Ewa introduced us to her work by explaining her background where she began by studying photography at the Uniwersytet Artystyczny w Poznaniu in Poznan, Poland. This was followed by a MA at The Royal College of Art, where she displayed a hidden work ‘Solution’ at the degree show. Ewa explained how the work was an ironic success and that forced the viewer to not only find its whereabouts but seek the graphic historical meaning, and the relation to the Second World War in Poland. From Ewa’s generous discussion and honest opinion of art and artists, we had a thoroughly enjoyable critique to finish off the visit. Ewa mentioned she has an upcoming exhibition at the Tallin Art Hall. We wished her the best of luck with the show, and wished we could go to see it. Alice Jacobs

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