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Table for discussion

For the Double agents exhibition ‘The Trouble with Talkies’ in 2005 a table and set of stools and benches were designed and built to act as a focal point for the issue of the journal ’1+1+1′ published to accompany the show. The table was then used in the BA Fine Art studio at Central Saint Martins, around which other Double agents events occurred, including visits from Vito Acconci, Anthony McCall, and Johanna Billing. In this way the furniture acted as a premise or platform for a certain kind of focused discussion, and a certain kind of thinking.
In October 2011 Central Saint Martins moved to a new building in Kings Cross. The first exhibition in the gallery in the new building brought together work from the Degree shows staged at Charing Cross Road and Southampton Row the previous June. The exhibition was curated by Lisa Panting, and in it she included a new set of furniture, made to the original design, to serve as the platform for a series of talks and discussions running throughout the show. At the end of the show the furniture moved to the seminar space of the BA Criticism, Communication and Curation course.
The drawings and detailed specification for the furniture can be downloaded from this page, and anyone wishing to build the furniture to serve any purpose similar to or related to its previous uses, described above, is invited to do so. There are only three provisos:
1. That the design is followed absolutely and in every detail.
2. That the label (available here to downloaded) is printed out no smaller than A5 and attached to the underside of each piece of furniture.
3. That at least one photograph is taken of the furniture in situ, and possibly in use, and sent with a description, to doubleagents@csm.arts.ac.uk, with ‘Table for discussion’ in the subject line.

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