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Double agents & Acme Studios May 2011

The collaborative project between Acme Studios and Double agents has now been underway for ten months.

The project is examining the role, form, function and future of the artists’ studio in a context of changing art practices and economic conditions. It brings together the work of Acme Studios with that of Double agents.

During this period a number of the project aims have been achieved including the research and analysis of studio provision and use, focussing on Acme’s activities but including visits to other studio buildings in London, Sheffield, Leeds, York, Glasgow. The project has been presented, in progress, at two conferences/symposia; the annual conference of the National Federation of Artists’ Studio Providers in Birmingham (December 2010) and ‘Research Partnerships’ convened in London by Sheffield Hallam University, Royal Holloway, University of London. (February 2011).

Arantxa Echarte, the projects Research and Development Associate, is about to begin the process of interviewing a cross section of artists currently using Acme studios. These interviews, about 30 in all, will form a significant part of the project’s research material from which findings can be derived regarding future models of design and management of artists’ studios. Each of the interviews will be recorded and each studio will be photographed.

In addition a long-term photographic documentation of around 18 new studio spaces at Acme’s Childers Street building, in Deptford, SE8 has been initiated. The pictures record each of the spaces prior to them being occupied by artists and returns at regular intervals over the course of the project to follow the ways in which the spaces are inhabited and used, and how that evolves over time.

A further update will follow at the next appropriate point.

(photo: New Studios at Childers Street, Deptford.

Acme Studios

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