Associate Studio Programme 3 : Anne Tallentire

Anne Tallentire’s visit focused on extending the notion of ‘beginnings’ to the Associates. Anne began with a reading from her book ‘Object of a Life’, considering writing as a mode of ‘starting’, and within this the wider role of drawing (which remained a constant) during the production of the text. This led to an unfolding discussion on how one might articulate the beginning of a work and how beginnings may inevitably differ both within one’s practice and in relation to others. Conversations formed around the thinking process that is deployed during the production of work and in relation to a parallel thinking process about a potential future work, ultimately considering how these two thoughts may attempt to demarcate the beginning and subsequent end of something.
The studio was left with thoughtful and rigorous questions regarding the artist’s role in relation to implementing beginning points in work, as well as the multiplicities that often inform an unfolding agency. There comes a point, eventually, when a work reaches an endpoint and is set free. Jordan Mouzouris

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