Associate Studio Programme 1 : Sylwia Serafinowicz

Prior to Sylwia Serafinowicz’s visit in March 2016, Sylwia wrote to the Associates asking them to prepare a small presentation of one recent artwork. She asked them to introduce their field and to say what value they added to this field. The challenge was to support this by explaining the idea behind the piece, the technique used and the components of the work.
Sylwia set this task, saying it is a challenge all art professionals face when communicating their practices to other artists, curators, critics, sponsors and when applying for grants and residencies. As a curator and writer Sylwia set these boundaries so that she could share some insights which have proved to be very successful in her practice as a curator and art critic.
After each artist presentation, Sylwia and the group assessed the cohesion of the presentation suggesting points to develop or consider. Chris Ifould.

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