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Associate Studio Programme 2 : Eddie Peake

In April Eddie Peake made a studio visit to the Highline Building studios. He began the evening by explaining that he didn’t want the session to replicate a typical art school crit. and instead to approach it as something more open, as a conversation rather than a review. He showed videos and images from very early work when he graduated himself, along with images of his White Cube show, the Barbican show and his most recent performance at East Side Projects in Birmingham. He spoke about his feelings post-college and his keenness to exhibit in any space, anywhere, anytime, to anyone; and the importance of making first – importantly, of discovering ‘the idea’ through a process of making rather than a more formulaic (and simplistic) ‘thinking of an idea and then making it’. The discussion was thorough, generous and inclusive, before moving on to look at some of the Associates work; Charles Verni, Oliver Coltman and Adeeb Ashfaq.
Oliver Coltman

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