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Associate Studio Programme 2 : Elephant & Castle 2015

The second Associate Studio Programme opened at the Highline Building, Elephant and Castle, in October 2015.

A panel including Alex Schady, Mick Finch from Central Saint Martins and Heather Deedman from Acme Studios, met in June to select the first group of 2014 and 2015 graduates to form the programme and take their place in the shared studio at the Highline Building until October 2017.

We are pleased to announce the selected artists:
Adeeb Ashfaq, Oliver Coltman, Nina Davies, Helena de Pulford, Abbi Jones, Daniel Kan, Suzy Lawlor, Lewis Tizley, Anna Pickles Harvey, Eleanor Turnbull, Charles Verni, Joe Moss.

The opening of the new studio coincided with the publication of the book ‘Studios for Artists: Concepts and Concrete’ and was marked with a reception bringing together all the current Associates and the partners, supporters and stakeholders.

The Associate Programme offers access to three new-build, accessible, secure and self-contained ground floor studio spaces for a group of twelve graduates from BA Fine Art at CSM. Tenancy is with Acme Studios for two years with an average weekly rent for each artist of approximately £26 per week. As with the Glassyard Programme there are regular studio visits by artists, curators and writers. The two programmes will complement and interact with each other and both have been devised as long-term and sustainable opportunities.

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