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Associate Studio Programme 1 : Morgan Quaintance

In October Morgan Quaintance visited the Associate Studio Program. Morgan gave an in depth introduction to his practice as both a writer, broadcaster, musician and curator and an insight into the thought process behind his upcoming exhibition at Cubitt Gallery, ‘Smile Orange’. The discussion began with a focus on some practical considerations of working as an artist, and how to develop and curate projects collectively. The associates had prepared a staged presentation of works as a context to further the conversation. The discussion considered the importance of websites and portfolios for certain kinds of art making, and the ends of exhibiting work. Morgan talked about what interests him when he meets artists, and the business aspects of his role as a curator working on the artists behalf. The associates spoke about their aims in further exhibitions together and the possibility of showing work at the studio. Morgan suggested some approaches to using the space and modes of presentation. The specificity of its location was talked about, and the potentials of the studio as a place for promoting work, i.e. the potential of using it as a project space. Finally, Morgan discussed some of his recent interests in his research and writing. The conversation then moved to topics as diverse as telepathy, monoculture and multiculturalism.

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