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Associate Studio Programme 1 : Philip Lai

Artist Philip Lai’s visit occurred during the Associates preparations for their group show ‘Juice’ at the Acme Project Space. The Associates’ ideas for the format of the show became of focus of the discussion. Of interest was the evolving works and their arrangement in the space during the course of the show, and the inversion of the opening hours half way through the show, from daytime to night time, and the differing kinds of spectatorship that that might prompt.
Philip discussed his own practice, one based very much on spending time in the studio with physical processes, while simultaneously drawing on an informal archive of photographs, print-outs, texts and other gathered materials. That this was always hard copy even if found on-line was important. That they were compiled in folders also served an important purpose in the practice; there being a value in collating, laying out, shuffling and handling these things.

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