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Associate Studio Programme 1 : Marie Lund

In January artist Marie Lund visited the Associate Studio Programme. Marie presented documentation of a number of works, across sculpture, installation and performance. The work raised issues regarding the shifts and tensions between the work as a thing in the studio and the work as an exhibit in a gallery – in particular Marie’s collaborative performance works ‘One Hour Long Exhibition’ in which the work, artists and audience all arrive at the gallery at the same time for the work to be unpacked, installed, dismantled and re-packed. The conversation encompassed questions of ‘where’ along the trajectory from making to showing can it be said the work exists; how and when is a work finished and does its contingency come to an end once it leaves the studio and enters the gallery.
As her contribution to the ongoing collection of objects brought by each visitor to the studio Marie offered a page from a Geology text book which included a photograph of a particular rock formation, with a geologists hammer in the image as a scale reference. Apart from it raising the ambiguity of this ‘objective’ record (not least via the question of how big the hammer was), the image also resembled some of Marie’s carved works where a CD, light bulb or a step ladder are partially enclosed or nested within the stone.

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