The Way Things Work (cycle seven)

Gail Pickering; the seventh in a series of studio based seminars with invited artists. The specific emphasis of these sessions is the methods of investigation and processes of production in and beyond the studio, taking in issues of collaboration, negotiation, dialogue, economic conditions and context. As previously, the cycle is structured through three separate sessions. An introduction by Graham Ellard to Gail Pickering’s work through documentation. From this, submissions, in the form of questions, are invited from Fine Art undergraduate, post-graduate and research students as the means to take a place at the round table discussion with the artist. Each participant then brought a prepared line of questioning to the table which was then pursued as a group, in conversation. This face-to-face session drew both artist and students into a direct and sustained discussion which was able to extend well beyond simple forms of presentation, question and answer.
The round-table was followed by a final session with Graham Ellard to present responses and reflection by students, in relation to their own on going practice, to the ideas, observations, issues and interests generated in conversation around the table.

Transcript (pdf) – available soon

Gail Pickering

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