Associate Studio Programme 3 : Rowena Harris

Rowena Harris’ visit was insightful – she began with showing a video work and reading an extract of performative writing that presented the concerns of her current practice. Through conversation this extended into outlining problems that are encountered within the studio that either positively or negatively affect ‘working’ and ‘the work’ more generally. We started to discuss what it means to be [and work] in the studio, the methodologies one might employ to navigate their practice, how the role of the studio can ultimately be understood, and when their is an omnipresence of technology and social media to hand, and how can the artist deal with this influx of data? How might it be incorporated in practice? Does it lead to procrastination? Other topics discussed included metamodernism and the project Maximum Irony! Maximum Sincerity! [M!MS] formed by Andy Holden. This evolved into to the discussion of specific associate works and how they are operating in relation to physical and virtual realms [or the liminal space in between], pessimism and optimism, post truth and contingencies. The evening assumed an organic flow with associates discussing their work and then relating it to another members work in the studio. This form allowed for an dynamic discussion which pivoted between practices and wider existential questions around contemporary life and art, of which continues to engage the studio. (Jordan Mouzouris)

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