Associate Studio Programme 3 : Jane Hayes-Greenwood

Jane Hayes-Greenwood visited the Associate Studio in Stockwell in July 2017. Jane is an artist and curator. She studied at City & Guilds of London Art School, where she met Xabier Basterra and co-founded the project space and studios Block 336 on Brixton Road. Block 336 continues to be run by Jane Hayes Greenwood, Alex Gough, Robert Bell and Thomas Groves who formed the original group when the project was initiated.
Jane presented fascinating images of works that have been shown at Block 336 since they opened in 2012. Each show entirely transformed the vast underground space. The outcome of each exhibition shows what can be achieved with commitment, enthusiasm and collaboration – an essential mix for an artist-run space. Jane brought the studio several publications that have been produced in collaboration with artists shown at Block 336. The next exhibition will be a solo show of Jane’s own work, opening on October 13th 2017, it will undoubtedly be a must see. Alice Jacobs.

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