Associate Studio Programme 2 : Katrina Palmer

In July Katrina Palmer visited the Highline Studio. Her show at Void in Derry had just opened and she talked about the process by which that work had been developed. In particular ‘Now Landscape’ a new work produced specifically for Void. Inspired by Ash, the gravedigger character from her 2015 Artangel commission ‘End Matter’ it considers, through the thoughts of the gravedigger, the present day as the stone of the future and as a material full of artificial and highly processed substances. This interwoven relationship between one work and another was a theme discussed in general, along with the specifics of the work itself. The discussion moved through ideas related to archeology and the fluid status of the material found – as evidence of something past, onto which we project meaning from the present – to consider the work of Associates Abbi Jones, and Daniel Kan.

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