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Look Behind Us, a Blue Sky

A new book ‘Look Behind Us, a Blue Sky’ on the work of Johanna Billing, supported by Double agents, and published to accompany her major exhibition at Kunst Museum Basel and Dundee Contemporary Arts. Within the book, the project, entitled ‘Expanded Footnotes’, was initiated and edited by Lisa Panting for Double agents and included contributions from Philipp Kaiser, Helen Selder, Polly Staple, Carole Bertinet, Cecilia Canziani, Ivet Curlin, Magnus Haglund, Mika Hannula, Karl Holmqvist, Séamus Kealy, Jonathon Lethem, Maria Lind, Lisa Panting, Malin Ståhl, Kate Stancliffe, Anne Tallentire, Chen Tamir, James M. Thomas, Rob Tufnell, Jelena Vesic, Jacob Wren, Volker Zander, Abäke.

Johanna Billing is an artist we have worked with since 2002.

Designed by Åbäke.

Hollybush Gardens.
Johanna Billing.

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‘Works #3, #4, #5’, October 2003.
Johanna Billing, round table, March 2008.

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